ACF Skills

ACF Skills

The Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) Calisthenic Skills Programme is a National Examination Programme administered by each State/Territory Association. In South Australia, this is the Calisthenic Association of South Australia (CASA).

The examination system was first introduced in 1979 to raise the standard of calisthenics and to unify terminology and technique throughout Australia. Gradually, to standardise competency throughout Australia, various levels have become prerequisites for Solo and Graceful Competitions and also Coaches Accreditation.

The system consists of three divisions – TESTS, GRADES and MEDALS. Within these divisions there is a logical progression through the various elements which make up the foundation of calisthenics.  The Test and Grade examinations are based on a set syllabus and music audio which emphasises technical detail, presentation and knowledge of terminology. In the Medals section choreography and performance are also considered.

At Del Sante ACF Calisthenic Skills Exam are taught in Term 3/4 to all students during their lesson. Del Sante Coaches encourage all Students to do their ACF Skills Exams  as it improves their technique and confidence. ACF Skills exams are held in November and February each year.

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